Bespoke & White Label

Being expert electronic publishers and knowing our way around the vast global news landscape, we are ideally positioned to be able to provide a bespoke/custom made editorial news service to meet our client’s tactical or strategic needs. Often targeted at a client’s customers or the senior management team following, for example, a major Corporate merger or restructuring, these products when branded in your own livery, can be a potent instrument of increased business, brand awareness, or in accelerating change.

Why? Because as part of any change management process, the efficient dissemination of information amongst the senior management teams sits at the very top of the “to implement” actions; what better way exists to communicate key messages, than through the delivery, daily, of a news and information resource that sits at the very heart of the business day in adding value to the decisions that matter.

Brand it, create a program of key messaging and news alerts and make it your own, to send to your key clients. To see how we put this in practice for ING, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.