1. How much does a subscription cost?
  2. How can I subscribe myself?
  3. How can I pay?
  4. How long is a subscription valid?
  5. How many people can access a subscription?
  6. What does the subscription comprise of?
  7. What if my company already subscribes?
  8. What sources do you cover?
  9. Do you cover the news everyday including the weekends?
  10. Can I access old articles/Search for articles?
  1. Why Citywebwatch over other news services?
  2. Does Citywebwatch use spider technologies?
  3. Who are Citywebwatch's clients?
  4. Who are the Citywebwatch user-base?
  5. What is a White Label and Bespoke news product?
  6. Isn't the content already online?
  7. Why are the press important?
  8. How do you ensure the user receives the news they need without adding to the information overload?
  9. How do you stop it being forwarded?
  10. Do the emails have a search facility?

We can distribute any of our Speedreader family of products branded in your Corporate livery or tailored for your company's needs, whether it be for internal use or for your clients. In addition as a business tool for the desktop, our packaged news can become an integral part of any Cororate Communications strategy where companies can market their own tailored messages on the back of essential content aggregated by us to their client base and business referrers.

Please contact our Customer Services team on + 44 (0) 20 7398 7760 or by email at customerservice@citywebwatch.com to find out more.

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